A fun political quiz

Are you a Republican who was frustrated by the Bush years? A Democrat who has become disillusioned with the party since they took control of Congress and the White House?  A member of a third-party who doesn’t agree with much of what either major party espouses?  An independent voter who likes some of the ideas from both major parties and maybe even  a few third parties? Just plain tired and confused by the entire political process in America?  Take this quiz and discover where your beliefs fall on the political map. It’s quick, easy, and for many, enlightening. http://www.theadvocates.org/quizp/index.html

After you take the quiz, share it with your friends and family.  When I took the quiz, it did confirm my political beliefs. Others have been totally shocked by their results. It makes a good conversation starter at cocktail parties or around the dinner table (if you aren’t afraid of a lively political debate). Don’t worry, the results of the quiz are not binding.


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