Woo-hoo-hoo! Three thousand hits!


Short post today- not a “Renaissance blog” post- just a “how about that” moment. I just noticed today that the 3000th hit on this blog happened recently. It took my blog three years, one month, and twenty-six days to hit that milestone. 1,154 days. 3000 visits. That’s 2.6 visits per day. Not exactly setting the blogosphere on fire. Oh well. I’m not trying to make a living blogging. Just getting my feet wet for the inevitable time when  I become a best selling author and have to pay someone to write my blog for me because I’m so busy being interviewed on Letterman, Charlie Rose, and CSPAN’s book discussion programs.

My question today to all you bloggers out there is: How many hits per day are you getting on your blog, and how long have you been blogging? No prize for the oldest blog or the most hits, just curious how I stack up with others. If I really suck at this, any suggestions on how to get that hits per day number over 3.0?


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