Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Just have to rave more about Sam Robson. Here’s his latest. It’s a stunner. Very symphonic. He brilliantly combines dozens of tracks to create a superlative performance of a movie and Broadway classic. Enjoy.

By the way, this hits me on all four cornerstones of a Neo-Renaissance life.

Emotional- I often get teary-eyed when I hear great music like this, and always feel such great joy, passion, love, beauty, you name it, nothing but positive emotions.

Intellectual- I’m intrigued and blown away by the technology that allows one person to combined dozens of tracks performed by only himself into one masterpiece of music.

Physical- I can’t help but move my body when I hear great music with an infectious beat.

Spiritual- I’m transported to some sort of state of mind where I sense some sort of higher power at work that allows some humans to produce such monumental works of genius, whatever the art form or intellectual pursuit.

What music inspires you to stand up and dance as if no one were watching?


2 responses to “Put on Your Dancing Shoes

  1. I read this and thought, “Why, just last night I danced in front of my friends to make them laugh.” But then I thought about how that’s quite different dancing from the reckless abandon dancing that happens when no one’s home. It’s not quite what you asked, but it’s making me think about today about the difference.

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