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I’m a baby boomer, born and raised in the Minneapolis area, married since 1978, living in a small town in southern Minnesota.

I majored in music education in college. My first job was teaching instrumental music in a very small town in northern Minnesota. Since that time my careers have included: financial planner, commodities futures speculator, wine consultant (one of those geeks who knows everything about wine and helps you buy just the right bottle in the retail wine shop), and stock trader.

My avocations are wine, gourmet cooking, golf, music, cross-country skiing, ice skating, travel, wilderness canoeing and camping, politics and economics, reading, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and most importantly, lifelong learning. Hence the title of this blog.

I’m now a freelance writer/novelist. I write short stories, essays, reviews, articles, and novels. My first novel, Castle Danger, was published in 2016.

revised-cover_front_highresCastle Danger
by Chris Norbury (Goodreads Author)


Laurie Buchanan‘s review

Dec 19, 2016
4 STARS- really liked it 
Read from December 18 to 19, 2016

I started reading CASTLE DANGER yesterday and finished it today—I just couldn’t put it down. Written with edge-of-the-seat intensity, the well thought out storyline kept my adrenaline pumping. Further, I was impressed with the author’s undeniable knowledge of music that’s subtly woven throughout the pages. Does he wrap it up and tie it with a bow at the end? Heck no! Now I’ve got to wait—on tenterhooks—for the sequel. Hurry up Norbury!

Castle Danger
by Chris Norbury (Goodreads Author)

Kathy Medlin‘s review

May 14, 2016
5 STARS- it was amazing
Read from May 08 to 09, 2016

I loved it! Very well-written; I felt I got to know the characters and could visualize the settings. The story was intriguing. I had a hard time putting the book down! Highly recommend it!